Black Diamond Engagement Ring- I’m not sure!!

Firstly, engagement ring, wedding ring rather any jewelry should be of your choice. Secondly, why not a black diamond engagement ring – it’s unique, economical, looks absolutely stunning and allows immense experimentation with design. It’s impossible to take your eyes off a gleaming black diamond.

From Princess Diana to Empress Josephine to Jackie Kennedy to most recently Blake Lively, women over the years have picked colored stones for their engagement rings. Black diamond is the latest and hottest addition to the list of color-stone engagement ring options.

Economic and how, a 1.50 carat finest AAA quality treated round black diamond can cost you somewhere between $600.00 to $800, a Natural Untreated GIA certified 1.5 carat AAA quality round black diamond will cost you around $2800.00-$3000.00, where as a 1.50 carat G-H color SI2 clarity white diamond costs more than $6500.00. Remember Natural Untreated Black Diamonds are extremely rare especially fine quality bigger diamonds so they are more expensive. Treated or untreated you can make a pick depending on your budget.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring- I’m not sure!!

Experiment with diamond shape- round, square, marquise or pear; since black diamonds are opaque they can be cut in any desired shape. You can also try rose-cut it has facets all over the diamond face. These facets not only make the diamond look bigger but they glimmer majestically when light falls on them. Black Diamond rings look best in black rhodium plated metals; though you can go with the conventional white or yellow metals or the feminine pink gold. Paired with white diamonds the beauty further amplifies.

Talking about how stylish they look, well from Angelina Jolie, Gwenyth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Jennie Garth to Carmen Electra most celebrities have been seen flaunting black diamond jewelry.

So if you have a budget and want an unconventional engagement ring then go for a Black Diamond Engagement Ring.

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