How to buy the Perfect Black Diamond?

The popularity of black diamond jewelry especially engagement rings has surpassed all colored diamonds. Beautiful, stylish and affordable, black diamonds carry a unique appeal. However there is not much information available regarding these gems. We have in this article endeavor to give you correct information that can help one choose the right diamond.

Quality is King – AAA or AAA+ quality black diamonds are the best. However, while buying black diamonds do not pick a diamond below AA quality. Make sure that you properly check all the quality parameters- Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat. Clarity is the most important aspect of black diamond quality; however the quality standards of black diamonds are very different. In black diamonds only the table and crown clarity is taken into consideration. Though inclusions are typical to black diamonds but since the diamonds are opaque the inclusions below the girdle do not affect the beauty of the diamond. So make sure that the face of the diamond is smooth and does not have any inclusions, pits, white spots, cracks etc.

The color of the black diamonds is not usually pitch black rather dark metallic black, dark greenish black or deep brownish black. Rich dark colored diamonds are more sought after; however in black diamonds consistency of the color is equally important. So a good quality diamond will have a rich blackish color which spreads evenly across the stone. Dull, patchy, grayish diamonds are not good.

Black Diamond Color and Treatment

The symmetry of the diamond shape in blacks is more important than the cut. The cut refers to the number of facets on the diamond but in blacks there are no set standards for black diamonds. Shape refers is the overall form of the diamond, which should be proportionate. Though asymmetric and other geometric shapes are quiet famous in blacks but when buying standard shapes like round, oval or heart then proportions become crucial.

Treated or Not Treated that is the Question…Well the answer would probably be a Treated Diamond. The reason being, that naturally occurring AAA quality black diamonds are very very rare. This rarity not only makes them difficult to find but also makes them very expensive. To address this scarcity the suppliers started treating the not so perfect or dull or different colored diamonds to get the desired color. Today maximum number of black diamonds available in the market is treated. However, there is nothing wrong about treated diamonds; they are absolutely natural and real diamonds that have been treated to improve the color. In simple words by treating diamonds humans finish the unfinished work of mother earth. Treating gemstones or diamonds is a very common and ancient phenomenon. Emeralds, rubies, tanzanite, sapphire most gemstones are treated to either enhance the color or improve the clarity.

Buyers Tips

  • It is advisable to always buy a certified black diamond.
  • Shop online you will get more options at lesser rates. Choose a reputed jewelry portal. Ask for complete details, videos and close-ups of the diamonds and thoroughly inspect the diamond.
  • In case of natural black diamonds ask for GIA certified diamonds. GIA does not evaluate treated diamonds.
  • Choose AAA or at least AA quality black diamonds, anything below AA quality will have visible flaws on the diamond table.
  • Check the location of the flaw or inclusion. Sometimes even AA diamonds with minor flaws make a good purchase. Occasionally a diamond is graded AA because there is a white spot or a pit at the pavilion or there is an inclusion on the pavilion or the culet has a problem but the face of the diamond is absolutely fine; such diamonds are very cost-effective as they are less expensive and the flaw can be easily hidden in the setting.
  • Black rhodium settings merge with the black diamond thus are a great way to make the diamond look blacker and bigger. Black rhodium also gives an edgy look to the jewelry

Experiment with shapes if you want your jewelry to stand out. Try rose-cut diamonds they look bigger and unique.

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