Diamonds in the Rough – The Hot New Trend!

Edgy and crude, the rough diamond jewelry is the unusual jewelry trend that is becoming very popular. The main reason behind the popularity of rough diamonds is that they are one of a kind. Though each diamond is different they still have a defined shape and matching pairs can be made, but in rough diamonds no two diamonds look the same. In fact even in a pair of earrings the diamonds may have a somewhat similar shape and color but they are nowhere identical.

There is a romance, quirk and mystery in their imperfection that allures everyone towards them. The irregular shapes are set in asymmetrical designs enhance their individuality. In fact the jewelers have to create unique settings to set the stones based on the different shapes of the raw diamonds. Like sometimes just a thin silver or gold wire is wrapped around the diamond to hold it in pendant or a ring. The variation and variety of designs available in rough diamond jewelry goes beyond imagination.

Diamonds in the Rough - The Hot New Trend!

Rough diamond jewelry offers immense room for experimentation. Now a day’s everyone is getting picker and is looking for something unique. Rough diamond quickly answers this requirement. You can create a distinct style with just a single piece of jewelry. A yellow and orange slice diamond necklace in yellow gold or a dark-brown rock studded in pink gold can help you achieve a unique style. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings the choice is immense.


The reasonable cost also makes rough diamond jewelry popular. Rough diamonds are in abundance and thus very economical. Firstly because these diamonds are not cut and polished like the other finished diamonds, thus suppliers save on a lot of cost. Secondly in rough diamonds the suppliers do not have to worry about the diamond brilliance and sparkle, as diamonds of all qualities can be used. Rough diamonds of all colors, with inclusions, translucent or opaque are used in jewelry; such diamonds are usually less expensive.

The innovative designs of rough diamond jewelry instantly capture everyone’s curiosities. While buying a rough diamond do remember that a diamond is diamond, a unique mineral from the earth and nothing can replace it. So if you like something very out of the box but do not want to spend too much, then rough diamond jewelry is for you.